DYRON UV Discovery Kit

Discover the magic of underwater nights with this UV discovery kit.
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New DYRON UV Discovery Kit

Discover the magic of underwater nights

The Dyron UV Discovery Kit contains

  • BasiXtrem DF3 light
  • Blue filter for DF3 light
  • Special yellow filter for diving mask
Notebook in english with pictures and explanations on the UV underwater night life


In order to take pictures of UV night life you need to have a filter on your housing too 
- Light or strobe with blue filter + 
- DY.UVMASK to see what you shoot +
- special orange or yellow filter on your housing (DY.FYS - DY.FOFS - DY.FYV - DY.FOFV)
Why 2 colors? Because you get different colors on your pictures if you use yellow or orange filter.

Photo Gallery UV pictures

DYRON Product Ref: DY.UVPDF3

An awesome kit at a fantastic price. Results are amazing.

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