Mask Saver Deluxe - a great idea

No more lost or damaged masks with this great invention.
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'Mask Saver Deluxe ®' - the ultimate in comfort

"Mask Saver ®" allows you to loosen your mask strap so you can drop it safely and comfortably around your neck without upsetting your mask's permanent personal adjustment. Hence, no more lost or damaged masks.

Most mask straps can only be adjusted through a relatively complicated strap loosening and tightening procedure, and as a result you seldom reach the exact adjustment and mask problems such as water leakage can occur. Permanent adjustment of the new mask strap "Mask Saver ®" is simply achieved by utilising the Velcro ends.

Conventional mask straps can also be uncomfortable, twist and entangle hair, ears or jewellery. The new mask strap "Mask Saver ®" is made from high quality neoprene, which is very comfortable while also eliminating entanglement and twisting.

"Mask Saver ®" also comes with a special saver buckle so you can attach your mask to your buoyancy compensator and it is never lost or accidentally damaged.

Mask Saver Deluxe® is all the comfort of the "Mask Saver"® plus the ultimate protection for your mask. "Mask Saver Deluxe" ® operates like the Mask Saver ® , but when you are done diving the strap turns inside out over and around the mask to become a protective floating mask case ! "Mask Saver Deluxe" ® will float almost any mask including the so called " Big Eyes ". No more looking for your case or worrying about loosing or breaking your mask. The strap is also the case, so your mask will be protected.

NOW available with underwater australasia print - dive

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