Nudibranchs of the World

Compendium of over 2500 colour photographs covering some 1180 species by Debelius and Kuiter - a massive book.
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By Helmut Debelius and Rudi Kuiter - 2007

This book sets a new benchmark for Nudibranch identification. It presents nudibranchs that have been photographed by the authors over a period of more than 30 years, along with numerous pictures by contributing diving friends and scientists around the world.

2500 photos are provided of nudibranchs in their natural environment and over 1180 species are illustrated. Information is provided on the relationships between species from different oceans; and information on behaviour (defence, camouflage and mimicry).

It is a comprehensive photo-identification guide to nudibranchs of the world seas.

Hardcover - 362 pages - 210 x 280 mm - almost 2 kilograms!

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