Australian Marine Life

The plants and animals of temperate waters - NEW hardback edition - a must have book !
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Australian Marine Life - Graham J. Edgar

Many people recognise the beauty and diversity of plant and animal communities in Australia's tropical seas particularly those along the Great Barrier Reef. By contrast, relatively few know about the immense variety along the southern half of the continent.

Here many species rival their tropical relatives in colour and ornamentation - especially the vividly decorated fishes, crustaceans and molluscs.

In this new edition of Australian Marine Life, marine scientist Dr Graham Edgar describes over 1400 of the most commonly seen plants and animals of temperate waters, including notes on their habitat and distribution, and more than 1500 full-colour photographs. Detailed enough to be valuable to academic biologists, the book contains a wealth of information for divers, beachcombers and those who fish professionally or for recreation.

Paperback, colour illustrations and photographs, 528 pages, 260 x 186mm - NEW edition published June 2012 - ISBN: 9781921517174

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