Acropora Staghorn Corals

Identification and guide to Staghorn corals of SE Asia, Indo-Pacific. A complete Reference guide. Michael AW & Dr Carden Wallace
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By Michael Aw and Dr Carden Wallace.

The Staghorn Corals are the foundation of tropical coral reefs; it is the most widespread and common of reef-building corals. They occur in a multitude of shapes, from simple, stumpy fingers through elegant tables, feathery spirals and giant plates. This book is a pictorial testimony to that incredible range with photographs and descriptions of species along with information on where they are found and how to identify them. \"Staghorn Corals\" also gives you an insight into the life of these animals with sections describing how they grow and organise their colonies, their bizarre life-cycles and their microscopic features. Written in a non-jargon style, \"Staghorn Corals\" is a must for divers, snorkellers underwater photographers, students or simply those with an interest in the coral reefs of the world.

168 pages

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