The Essential Christmas Island Travel Guide

Discover a tiny dot in the Indian Ocean that is barely known and even less explored.

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By Beth and Shaun Tierney

Discover a tiny dot in the Indian Ocean that is barely known and even less explored.

Christmas Island is one of natures most impressive feats, an island full of natural wonders: from the unique annual red crab migration to rare and unusual birds and glorious deserted beaches where the only footprints in the sand are those made by nesting turtles.

With so many endemic species, the island is often referred to as the Galapagos of the Indian Ocean. Yet it also displays a curious amalgam of cultures, history and industry, emerging as a place where all these elements create a truly unusual travel experience.

Every aspect of exploring and enjoying this destination is laid out for easy use with step by-step guides, maps and full directions.

EDITORIAL History; full tours of the the towns and natural features; suggested itineraries and practicalities for visitors.

SPECIAL FEATURES Island Temples; the red crab migration; endemic bird and marine species; marine species; rainforest flora and fauna.

ISLAND DIRECTORY A complete listing of all island services from accommodation and restaurants to weather and airlines.

Please note, this complete travel to Christmas Island includes a full chapter on diving with site listings descriptions and more. A more marine focused, fish identity guide, the Wildlife Guide by Neville Coleman is also available.

Soft cover: size - 200mm x 140mm. ISBN: ISBN: 978-0-646-47591-2. Published by Christmas Island Tourism Association.

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