Scuba Divers Guide to Cairns & North Great Barrier Reef - Tom Byron

This books describes the diving on the part of the Great Barrier Reef that stretches from Cairns to Thursday Island.
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Scuba Divers Guide to Cairns & North Great Barrier Reef - By Tom Byron

Descriptions of scuba diving locations at: Cairns - Fitzroy Island - Port Douglas - Cooktown - Ribbon Reefs - Lizard Island - Far Northern Great Barrier Reef - Far Northern Coral Sea Reefs and Atolls - Shipwrecks of Quetta and Pandora - World Famous Cod Hole - Great Detached Reefs - Raine Island - Bougainville Reef - Holmes Reef - Flora Reef - Osprey Reef - Dynamite Pass - Shark Alley.

This area of Barrier Reef is perhaps the best in the world. It stretches from Cairns to Thursday Island and covers about one third of the entire reef. The book lists Cairns, Port Douglas, Cooktown, Lizard Island, Ribbon Reefs, the far northern tropical reefs and the far northern Coral Sea Reefs and Atolls. The shipwrecks of Pandora and Quetta are special interest dive sites. The book also lists day and live-aboard long distance dive charter boats. There is valued information for overseas travelers, accommodation, a chart on the cost of a vacation, dive travel questions and answers, information about the best time of year to dive the far Northern Great Barrier Reef, also further information about types of fish and corals, marine life associated with each dive site and special dive locations. Whether you are planning a dive vacation or just contemplating you will enjoy this beautiful illustrated book.

Coloured cover: 112 pages, 29 maps describing dive locations along this section of coral reef and 97 coloured photos.

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