Diving Bali

Diving Bali: The Underwater Jewel of Southeast Asia (Periplus Action Guides)
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By David Pickell and Wally Siagian

The Underwater Jewel of Southeast Asia

Bali is famous the world over for its lavish Hindu ceremonies, the bright, metallic song of the gamelan, towering Agung volcano, and its lush green rice paddies. But still known only to a few is that this balmy, magical island offers some of the best diving in the world - shipwrecks, rich black sand bays, and clear, current-swept reefs. In Diving Bali, authors David Pickell and Wally Siagian - with a combined twenty-five years of experience diving this island - introduce you to the unique charms of Bali's reefs. Their tastes in sites are eclectic, ranging from a quiet, murky bay, guarded by an army of spider crabs disguised as a filed of seaweed, to rich offshore pinnacles, wild with current, swirling with great schools of fish, and patrolled by sharks.

  • The only comprehensive 4 colour guide to diving in Bali.
  • Soft cover, portrait design; 237 pages, full indexed.
  • Over 200 full colour photographs illustrating scenes and creatures around the entire coastline of Australia.
  • Maps: Large-scale, heavily annotated, marine maps for every important site, each based on accurate charts, GPS data, and thorough surveys conducted by the authors.
  • Baili's top dive sites in one easy to use book.
  • Written and illustrated by leading dive/author/photographers
  • Practical detailed information on every diver orientated subject and geared to every budget.
  • Practicalities: Prices and contacts for dive operators, accommodation and transportation.
  • A wealth of educational essays on the marine environment and its inhabitants.

Soft cover: size - 140mm x 225mm. ISBN: 978-0-7946-0600-8. Published by Periplus.

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