Jungles of Sarawak

'Underwater Jungles', a new book by Michael AW encapsulates the reefs off the Miri, Northern coast of Sarawak illuminating them through the finest photographic imagery never before seen in one volume.
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By Michael Aw

The sea of Sarawak is located right in the heartland of the epicenter of marine bio-diversity - the richest in the world. The region is renowned to harbour over 3000 species of fishes and invertebrate life in unimaginable numbers. The Philippines in the north, Bali, Kalimantan, Sulawesi and neighbour state Sabah, all internationally acclaimed top destinations for snorkelers, underwater photographers and scuba divers from the world over. Underwater Jungles show off the luxuriant habitats, flora and fauna of the Miri-Sibuti patch reef system. Though seemingly weak in pelagic biomass, the diversity of reef fishes, invertebrates, coral meadows, sea fans, sea whips and soft corals are compatible to those of the Maldives and PNG both rated to be the most prolific in the world.

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