Celebrate the Sea

Celebrate the Sea - is the hallmark of all beautiful books of our seas. Using 6-colour printing technology the book is printed on fine matt art 155 gsm paper in a generous 275mm x 273mm - 180 pages format. By Michael Aw and Stephen Wong.
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By Michael Aw and Stephen Wong

\"Michael Aw is well-known to aficionados of underwater photography for his saturated-color macro portraits of reef animals. In this new volume he shows that he is equally a master of wide-angle to superwide-angle views of large animals and seascapes. We are also introduced to a sampling of the work of Stephen Sai Wong a rising star of underwater photography whose rapid mastery of the art is almost frightening to those of us who spent decades polishing our skills and slowly building up a portfolio.\"

\"Celebrate the Sea is an inspiring collection of images showcasing the beauty that still remains in the underwater world of the Indo-Pacific region. As threats mount to the marine environment, particularly in this rich tropical region, often considered as the 'rainforests of the ocean', works such as this are vital to remind us of what we still have to save.\" - Doug Perrine, Feb. 2002.

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